i often engage in activities such as tea-drinking, sleeping, daydreaming, writing, singing, blog-reading, and obsessing.

let's be friends.

the half share from freshness farms is huge and every piece of produce is perfect. no farm-fresh-to-you anxiety! #happycamper #vegan #vegetarian

din din: open-faced sammie with collard greens, sundried tomatoes, red onion, and quorn. #vegetarian #dinner #doitrealbig

it’s never a mistake to care for someone. that’s always a good thing.

dinner for two: vegan almond pesto with bell peppers and sundried tomatoes. #datenight #love #junecleaverdiaries

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ada erim,

not on soundcloud since apparently karaoke tracks are not made for others to sing over and post…

the lyrics are the best. i love la lambert. she is the sassiest.

dat bassline! everything after 2:30 took me forever because i decided to get my imogen heap on, but it was worth it =) this old pic reminded me of katy perry.

grown-up #birthdaygirl gifts. #quarterlifecrisis

papercuts - gym class heroes

i watched clueless last night after not having seen it in like a year. this movie is so full of the lulz only the 90s can bring. it is probably one of the top ten parodies ever made.

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