i often engage in activities such as tea-drinking, sleeping, daydreaming, writing, singing, blog-reading, and obsessing.

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papercuts - gym class heroes

i watched clueless last night after not having seen it in like a year. this movie is so full of the lulz only the 90s can bring. it is probably one of the top ten parodies ever made.

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welp, there goes 8/10ths of my hair! #frohawk #pixie #eek

vegan tuxedo cookie with banana fudge walnut #icecream from #cream

mmmgermanchocolatemmm #perks of the job #schogotten

when your heart breaks, it can grow back crooked. it grows back twisted and gnarled and hard.
the tale of desperaux


Notting Hill, London by kmoliver on Flickr.

i just want to go back to the uk. waaah

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Let go, or be dragged.
Zen ProverbĀ  (via melotae)

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